Mine #1535

1535 - James Duncan

Mine #1534

1534 - James Duncan

Easter Monday Art Fun!

Glorkian Warrior by JAMES KOCHALKA

Glorkian Warrior by JAMES KOCHALKA

Though my IPod sucks and won’t allow me to play this game… doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s cool!
JAMES KOCHALKA’ Glorkian Warrior!

Mine #1533

1533 - James Duncan

Mine #1532

1532 - James Duncan
Yeah… I went with my usual joke. But I think this is the best Bunny I’ve ever drawn!

Mine #1531

1531 - James Duncan

Mine #1530

1530 - James Duncan

Post 4527

1529 - James Duncan

Mine #1528

Finn and I started watching Transformers Prime this week. Not bad… he seems to like it, but no matter how hard he tries, he falls asleep before the second episode finishes.
1528 - James Duncan

Mine #1527

1527 - James Duncan

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